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10 Side Dishes That Goes Well With Egg-Fried Rice

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People often get confused about what side dish to pick with egg-fried rice. Rice is one of the most popular and go-to dishes for any occasion. There are lots of varieties of rice dishes as well. It isn’t easy to choose the top 10 side dishes that go well with egg-fried rice among these endless options.

Generally, to complement main dishes like egg fried rice, serve it with some lighter and acidic side dishes. It is a Chinese cuisine, so combining it with Chinese-style chicken or vegetables can be a great idea. Although prawn, fried chicken, grilled ribs BBQ, fried squid, beef sizzling, wonton, salad, roasted broccoli, sweet and sour pork are the top 10 side dishes to go with.

Egg-fried rice is an easy dish to make, and you can also reheat the rice before adding some delicious side dishes.

Let’s transform your egg-fried rice into a dinner fest by simply adding some amazing side dishes to the menu. Do you want to know how? Well, no worries if you don’t. This article will help you in this regard. 

10 Side Dishes That Goes Well With Egg Fried Rice

From prawn chips to grilled BBQ ribs, you can combine whatever you like with egg-fried rice. To make it a little easier for you, here are the top 10 side dishes suggestions you can serve with egg fried rice:

#1 Fried Chicken

Egg-fried rice is the best companion to egg-fried chicken. It is the top-rated combo in many places. So if you want to serve a side dish with egg-fried rice, you can consider offering fried chicken. It will help you to create an enjoyable and friendly dinner with your family and guests.

First, cut the chicken in 2-3 places with a fork or knife, then marinate for 2-4 hours in the marinade to make chicken fries. In a heavy-bottomed pan, heat the oil and add the chicken pieces. Deep-fry the chicken until it is cooked over medium heat. It takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Serve with lemon slices, or lettuce, or coriander leaves as a garnish with the fries.

Looking for a unique fried chicken recipe? Here are some exciting and some whacky fried chicken recipes by famous celebrities. 

#2 Chinese Style Chicken

It is another excellent idea to combine your egg-fried rice. Since egg fried rice is a popular Chinese dish, you can combine it with so many Chinese cuisines. There are lots of Chinese-style chicken recipes. One of them is sticky Chinese-style chicken thigh baking. It’s easy to make and delicious in flavor. Here is an overview of how to make it-

Preheat the oven, and on a wide baking sheet, place the chicken pieces. Combine the hoisin, garlic, sesame oil, ginger, honey, five spices, and seasonings in a mixing bowl. Sprinkle over the chicken and stir to combine and marinate the chicken. Then bake for 30 minutes. Put the green onion slices over the chicken and toss in the cashew nuts, and that’s it!

#3 Garlic Prawn

Garlic Prawns
Garlic Prawns

Prawns are another great side dish alongside egg-fried rice. Many people love prawns, and it is a safe option to go with in case you want to impress everyone as a host. The Garlic Prawn dish is undoubtedly a mouth-watering dish that compliments egg fried rice perfectly.

This easy-to-make prawn dish is cooked in a peppery garlic sauce and is perfect for a fast snack during a banquet. These are only a few of the most extraordinary prawn recipes, but we’re confident that they’ll be plenty to amaze your friends and family members during an enjoyable dinner party.

#4 Grilled Ribs Steaks

If you want to plan a heavy menu for your party, you can serve rib steaks with egg-fried rice. It will turn your simple dinner party into a fest. Though it is not an easy task to make perfect tender steaks at home, you will have to put some extra effort into making this a side dish.

To make rib steaks, season each side of the steak with salt and pepper, then set it on a tray in the freezer for several hours or overnight. You have to cook the steak at least 45 minutes before serving. Before adding the oil, increase the heat to moderately high and make sure the cast-iron pan is sufficiently hot.

#5 Yankee Beef Roast

A beef roast is a traditional American meal made using a tough cut of beef browned in a skillet and then cooked in broth or the meat’s juices. Another name of this meal is Yankee. It is rich, delicious, juicy, and highly flavorful. If you are planning a traditional menu, you should go with this side dish.

To make it more flavorful, you can add vegetables, including spring onions, carrots, beans, and potatoes with roasted beef in a Yankee beef roast. The meal is essentially an Americanized version of the French dish boeuf à la mode.

#6 Fried Squid 

Another weak point for foodies is seafood. It never fails to amaze your taste buds with its distinctive flavors.

Slightly battered and fried squid, along with egg-fried rice and your favorite condiment, makes for a magnificent meal that will linger in your mouth for a long time. Check out this awesome fried squid recipe: 

#7 Wonton

Wonton is the Chinese equivalent of dumplings. They are served in small servings. Steamed, deep-fried, and lightly-fried versions are also available. It’s a great starter for any occasion or banquet because it can be made with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffings. They work really well alongside egg-fried rice.

Wonton is very easy to make. You have to make the perfect dough and fill it with your desired ingredients. And then steam it or deep fry it. Then serve it and enjoy your meal. It creates a magical combination with soup. So you can prepare that as well. 

#8 Marinated Salad

Another complementing side dish to offer with egg-fried rice is a salad of marinated vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce leaves, red bell peppers, jicamas, and mayonnaise are among the ingredients.

If you want to keep your menu simple and healthy, salads are great to go with. Also, it is easy to make and it takes a little effort and time to complete.

#9 Roasted Broccoli

Roasted Broccoli
Roasted Broccoli

Broccoli is usually a good match for Chinese food like egg-fried rice. It tastes excellent when stir-fried with a sufficient quantity of minced garlic and chilies. 

Before serving, add in some fish sauce to blend the intense flavors all together. It’s super easy to make and super healthy as well.

#10 Sweet And Sour Pork 

Sweet and sour pork is another Chinese side dish for egg-fried rice. The best-ever Sweet and Sour Pork dish incorporates a plethora of Chinese techniques passed down through the generations.

That means coating and frying twice for added crispiness, using cornflour instead of flour, using inexpensive pork for flavor and texture but tenderizing with soda to make them look like premium chops, and using a sauce that isn’t too sweet.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Side Dish 

While serving fried rice, you have to keep certain things in your mind. It will help you to prepare a healthy and delicious menu. 

Moderate temperature: When you roast vegetables, the nutrients in the meal may get depleted from overheating. Furthermore, roasting them at a high temperature may degrade the food’s quality.

Salad dressing:  Salads are typically a quick and easy side dish. If you’re making it as a healthy side dish with leafy greens, be careful with the dressing. The majority of store-bought goods are high in salt, fat, sugar, and other harmful ingredients.

Readily available side dishes: If you’re serving a ready-to-eat side dish from the grocery store, make sure it’s not expired. Check the food thoroughly before serving, especially if it is frozen or leftover.

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