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What Are the Different Sizes of Slow Cookers? (Guide With Examples)

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Slow cookers are great for keeping your food nice and warm when having a dinner party. Also, for working men and women it can be a life saver as you will always return home with warm food waiting for you. But, choosing the right size slow cooker is essential for cooking in the slow cooker. So, you might wonder, what are the different sizes of slow cooker available in the market

The size of slow cookers ranges from small to very large, depending on two things. These factors are the number of people you’re cooking for and what items you want to cook. It varies from small sizes of 1-quart, which is appropriate for one person, to a massive 10-quart that can feed a crowd.

If you want to know more about the different sizes of these slow cookers, don’t worry, please keep on reading. I will cover everything on slow cooker sizes in the rest of the article. 

Different Sizes Of Slow Cookers

Slow cooker sizes range between 1 to 10 quarts. But most slow cookers you find will have a size of 6 to 7 quartz. 

The size of a slow cooker differs from really small to extremely large depending on the amount of food that goes into it. It also depends on how many people you want to cook for. And also on the type of food that you want to cook.

Number of peopleCapacityTypeTypes of Food
1-3 people1.7 liters1-2 QuartDips, desserts, oats
4-5 people4 liters3-4 QuartBreakfasts, soups, casseroles
4-6 people5 liters5-6 QuartWhole chickens, roasts
8-10 people8 liters7-8 QuartLarge roasts, large lasagna
10+ people11 liters10 Quart12-pound roasts, 10-pound turkeys

1-2 Quarts

These are suitable for people who live by themselves or with their partners. Its tiny size is just enough for it to fulfill their daily needs. These can nicely cook various dips, oats, and desserts, just enough for 1 or 2 persons.

3-4 Quarts

A 3-4 quarts slow cooker can easily fit a whole chicken of 3.5 to 4.5 pounds. So, you can understand that it’s enough for a meal of 3-4 people. These can cook soups, casseroles, and any breakfast that can feed a small family of 4 people. 

5-6 Quarts

You can check out the 5-6 quarts slow cooker out if you live with your whole family or even if you have a small family and have guests over every once in a while. These can cook a full meal for about 4-6 people depending on how much you plan to cook.

It can cook from whole chickens to roasts and meals enough to fill your stomach to the brim. These are most common for being used in medium-size families.

7-8 Quarts

These are primarily used in cooking for big batches. If you want to host a party for a large number of people or want to prepare food for an upcoming feast, this is the size you should go for.

It can easily cook a large amount of food, including hams, large roasts, and whole chickens, perfectly.

10 Quarts

These can prepare food for around 15 people. It can easily handle meat around the weight of 10 to 12 pounds. So, you can see how a large amount of food can be processed in it in one go.

It can be used on big occasions such as weddings and birthday parties for cooking a large amount of food together.

Is Size A Major Factor For Slow Cookers?

The size of a slow cooker you want is the most important thing you need to consider. That’s because its cooking ability doesn’t depend on how it’s built but rather on its size. Slow cookers work best when they are about ⅔ or ¾ full.

If the cooker is too full, it’ll take more time to cook than usual. But if there’s too much space, it’ll cook faster, and there’s a chance that it might burn the food or it may turn out dry. In fact, various recipes even call for specific slow cooker sizes. 

So, whatever you want to cook, make sure you have the right slow cooker for the specific recipe to ensure the fastest possible cooking while maintaining the best slow cooked taste.

Which Size Slow Cooker Should You Buy? 

A slow cooker can cook anything from daily meals for one person to a whole turkey, depending on its size. It can cook things like dips, casseroles, soup, roasts, beef ribs, and so many other things.

Small 1-Quart

You can make different kinds of dips and anything enough for one person in small-sized 1-quart slow cookers. These are best for bachelors who live by themselves and need something compact to cook quickly. It’s suitable for cooking one-pot meals and can also be used to warm certain appetizers.

Medium 2-4 Quarts

Slow cookers varying from size 2-4 quarts can be used by small families to fulfill their daily needs. And if they like to have leftovers, they can even go for 5–6-quart sizes. These can cook enough food for small to medium size families.

These family-size slow cookers have amazing efficiency. They can keep working day-in and day-out without even breaking a sweat.

Large 6-Quarts

Sizes above 6-quarts are used in cooking for a large batch. When there’s a party or a big occasion, and a lot of people gather together for a feast, these large-sized cookers are there to do the job. These can cook food for a massive number of people with ease.

Extra Large 10-22 Quarts

These slow cookers are enormous. Their size varies from 10 quarts to around 22 quarts. These are usually used for cooking for weddings and birthday parties. They can hold large amounts of food and cook them thoroughly in very little time.

Can You Cook Small Portions In Large Slow Cookers?

It’s possible to cook a small meal in a large slow cooker. The problem that it might cause is making your food dry or burning it. So, you can prevent that by adding extra water and removing it from the heat sooner than usual.

It won’t be fruitful for a family of two who lives in a small apartment and hardly get any guests to buy a large slow cooker. It’ll be an unnecessary expense.

But if a medium-size family gets a large-size slow cooker, then it’d be fruitful for them. They can organize small get-togethers every now and then and invite people to their residence for parties and feasts.

The family members can also prepare the amount of food necessary for them. They can even prepare extra food as well if needed. These people can utilize the larger-sized cooker and prepare additional food to keep as leftovers.

So, while the slow cooker may be large in size, it can serve multiple purposes, and it can work wonders without any doubt. Just remember to choose the right size based on your regular cooking amount and you should be good to go.


Slow cookers are of great help to people who want to come home to piping hot dishes without worrying about reheating or precooking. They also help tenderize food to add an extra bit of flavor and texture to them. But, for making the best use of your slow cooker, knowing which size to use is essential.

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