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Do Waffles Go Bad If Left Out?

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It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t like waffles. Kids and adults have adored the classic snack for some centuries now. The busy modern age does not let us cook waffles now and then. So, many of us try to preserve them for consumption after a while. But how quickly should you refrigerate newly cooked waffles? Do waffles go bad if left out?

Bacteria from the air begin to grow in food that has been left at room temperature for more than two hours. As a result, if the waffles are left out for more than two hours after cooking, they become bad and difficult to digest. However, you can enjoy them for a month if you keep them refrigerated in the right container.

In this article, I elaborated on why waffles become inedible. I have also discussed how to properly preserve waffles to enjoy them for a long time. You will also like the tips in the latter part of the article about waffles. 

Why Do Waffles Go Bad If You Leave Them Out?

Some bacteria in the air always try to get a host to live longer. If they find any microorganic objects like a waffle, they start to regenerate and multiply. As a result, the waffle gets infected with bacteria and becomes harmful to the human body. This is how waffles become contaminated if you leave them out for some time.

How long it takes for a waffle to get infected by bacteria depends on the room temperature. If you keep the waffle at room temperature for more than two hours, it is enough for the bacteria to make the waffle their new home. 

Researchers say bacterias rapidly contaminate any food if they can have two hours with it under 140 °F. On the other hand, if the temperature remains above 90 °F, it takes only one hour for the bacteria to make the waffle inedible. You can avoid bacteria contamination by properly preserving the waffle. There are some specific regulations about preserving foods.

Ways To Store Waffles Properly

If you can store your waffles quickly and correctly after cooking or buying them, you might be able to preserve them for a month. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind while storing waffles. They will help you enjoy the food for longer.

Refrigerate Within Two Hours

After cooking a tasty waffle, you should refrigerate it within two hours to preserve it for a long time. Bacterias begin to form in a portion of food when it remains at room temperature for more than two hours.

If you fail to refrigerate the waffle within two hours, you should throw it out. You cannot take risks with the health of your family members, can you? To play it safe, you should prepare a space in the refrigerator and a proper container before you start to cook your waffle.

Use An Airtight Container

The most significant part of preserving waffles for a long time is to keep them away from air. The bacteria in the air start to grow on the waffles if they can get in touch with the food. To ensure that your waffle does not get any air, you must use an airtight container to preserve it.

You may use a resealable plastic zipper bag. These bags are convenient for storing waffles since they can contain foods of any size and shape. However, you may also use big refrigeration containers. 

Make sure they are not too big for your waffles. Bigger containers can also contain a lot of air, which is not preferable for waffles. You may also use aluminum foil to wrap the waffles.

Try To Consume Within Three Days

You should try to eat the waffle within three days after you have cooked it, even if you refrigerate it within two hours of its preparation. You have to do so to get the most nutritional value out of the waffle.

If you pack and refrigerate your waffle correctly, you may eat it for a month. However, the taste and the nutritional value of the waffle will deteriorate. So, it is always wise to have it within three days. Moreover, you should check if there is any change in the color or texture of the waffle. They might be signs of a bad waffle.

Cool Down Before Preserving

Another significant part of preserving a waffle is knowing the right time to refrigerate it. You have to refrigerate it right after you cook it. However, the waffle can not be hot when you keep it in the freezer. Otherwise, it will become inedible within a few hours.

The general practice is to let the waffle cool down for about 30 minutes before refrigerating it. Bacteria should not be a concern during these 30 minutes because they cannot contaminate food when it is hot. So, you have to wait for the waffle to get to room temperature. 

Use A Baking Sheet

You may use a baking sheet inside the container of the waffle before you put it in the refrigerator. It will ensure that the waffles do not get mangled by the low temperatures.

If you have many waffles to preserve, you can use more than one baking sheet to make multiple layers of waffles in the container. It will make your life easier when you have to get the waffle out of the container for consumption.

Freeze Before Storing

If you are sure that you will not need the waffles within a short period, you can preserve them for a long time by putting them in a freezer. This is how you can ensure the food value of the waffle for months.

Besides, you can also put the waffles in the freezer for a couple of hours and then refrigerate them for near future consumption. Freezing them, in the beginning, will make the waffle solid enough to preserve them easily.

Some Tips About Waffles

Here I have enlisted some helpful tips about waffles. They may be able to assist you in preparing and storing your delectable waffle.

Best Way To Reheat A Frozen Waffle

The best way to reheat a frozen waffle is to use an oven or a toaster. Preheat the oven to 350 °F if you’re using one. After laying the frozen waffles on a baking sheet, you need to get them into the oven and bake them for five minutes.

If you still feel that the waffles are not crisp or warm enough, you should heat them for another five minutes. On the other hand, if you use a microwave oven, you only need to heat the frozen waffle for 45 seconds. Using a toaster to reheat the frozen waffles can make them crispier. 

Label The Containers With Dates

You have to put a label on the waffle container when you store it in the freezer. It will always help you determine how long you can keep the container in the freezer.

No matter how good your refrigerator works, every food loses its nutritional value and taste with time. Moreover, it can become harmful to your health too. So, you should not refrigerate a waffle for more than a month.

Do Not Use Protein Flours

It is a common mistake when baking waffles. It sounds like a better idea to replace regular flour with protein flours to make your waffle. But the reality is the opposite. High-protein flours may be good for your health, but they are not convenient for waffles.

You have to use ordinary all-purpose bread flour for a chewy and fluffy waffle. On the other hand, you should also avoid using pastry flour to make your waffles since they are too thin. 

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