Dauphinoise Potatoes

What Can You Serve With Dauphinoise Potatoes?

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Dauphinoise potatoes belong to the most classic French cuisine. Basically, it can be served as a side dish itself. However, if you are a big-time potato lover, you can have it as your main course as well! For this purpose, you will need to choose some good side dishes that can balance out the creaminess and crunchiness of the Dauphinoise potatoes in the same bite!

Among the best-served side dishes, the most notable ones are roasted lambs, duck breasts, sautéed veggies, garlic beef steak, roti or parathas, etc.

In this article, I will give a brief overview of some of these great side dishes. Also, I will provide you with some clever tips to make your meal more palatable! So, to enlighten yourself more about what you can serve with Dauphinoise potatoes, please read the entire article!

Some Side Dishes That Go Well With Dauphinoise Potatoes 

Dauphinoise potatoes can suit any lunch or dinner item. Although it originates from French culture, its taste and fame have reached the far corners of the world. Now, how you want to eat it depends entirely upon you. You just need to be a little creative to introduce more dishes to your list!

So, let’s get to know some very easy and simple dishes that you can try with Dauphinoise potatoes! These dishes are so elegant that they can easily mimic any luxurious restaurant’s platter! So, continue reading the next part to find out in detail.

#1 Duck Breast

Any kind of meat is your answer to what type of side dishes you can serve with a plate of Dauphinoise potatoes! Duck meat takes less time than most others to tenderize. So, choosing duck breast as a side dish is actually very clever when you have little time to prepare dinner. A perfectly roasted duck breast is crispy on the outside with a very soft and tender inside.

The soft inside of the duck will balance out the crispness of your potatoes. Most importantly, the tip to get a perfect duck breast is to season the slices properly and then put it on a cold pan first. Then start the heat and roast. After a while, you will notice the duck fat has begun to melt, and the duck will fry in its own fat.

Also, you can use the residual duck fat in your Dauphinoise potatoes. This will make it incredibly delicious! Add in a few blocks of butter to enhance the taste of your duck meat. At this point, you can add a bit of lime juice or honey, or herbs. It depends on what kind of flavor you wish to make. Check out this link to a perfect duck recipe by Gordon Ramsay.

#2 A Side Of Roti Or Parathas

The best side dish to compliment your Dauphinoise potatoes is bread. In this regard, you can make a fusion recipe by adding an Asian side dish to your French classic! Usually, Indians have roti, which is a flatbread, or parathas, which is a flatbread fried in oil. You can decide the crispness of the Parathas depending on your taste.

Mostly, these are eaten with curries or something moist to even out the dryness of the bread. Dauphinoise potatoes can be a great substitute for this curry side. A mouthful of parathas and a bit of Dauphinoise potatoes with a sauce or dip can taste lip-smacking! You can make a mint dip or just have some white sauce with it. It tastes delicious!

#3 Indian Classic: Naan Bread

This is my second favorite Asian food to have with Dauphinoise potatoes! Actually, it is an oven-baked flatbread that is popular among Indians as the Naan Roti or Tandoori Roti. It requires the addition of yeast to its dough, which allows the bread to inflate enough. Naans can be made in different flavors, say, garlic, butter, plain naans, etc.

Actually, making naan bread is very easy. If you don’t have an oven, then don’t worry. You can easily bake one on your regular gas stove. Just make sure you have kneaded the dough really well. Only a good kneading can ensure a good, fluffy and soft naan bread. Even if you don’t have enough ingredients, a good knead will bake a loaf of good bread.

Naan bread tastes mostly like regular slices of bread, only it is incredibly soft and has a mild sweet taste. Its specialty is its softness. It will bring delight to any main course as a side dish.

#4 Beef Steak

Beef steak goes well with any dish with potatoes. I think beef is the best kind of meat that goes with potatoes cooked in any way. Garlic beef steak differs from regular steak in the sense that garlic is added as a flavor or as an aromatic here. Basically, garlic, rosemary, etc. herbs are commonly used as aromatics in beef steak recipes.

So, when you season a rib eye or even a T-bone, always make sure you are seasoning it heavily. Because when you fry it in the pan, about 40 % of the seasoning goes away. You can try to garnish it with oil. However, when most of the seasoning goes away, it doesn’t taste as tasty as it is supposed to. Thus, make sure to season heavily.

Besides, plain steaks also go well with Dauphinoise potatoes. Garlic steaks taste amazing, and they complement the creaminess of the potatoes very nicely. For some great tips on Beefsteak from Gordon Ramsay, check out this link!

#5 Sautéed Vegetables

It may sound less interesting than all the other options I suggested. However, if you are a vegan, this is the best side dish for you. Also, even if you are not interested in vegan food, you can choose another side dish with your sautéed veggies. 

My personal favorite is a side of carrots, mushrooms, onions, broccoli. You can also add tomatoes, cauliflower, capsicum, snake gourds, peas, etc. Some people also add prawns and sesame seeds to it to make it more exciting. 

Sautéed veggies are an excellent choice if you are running out of time and need to prepare a quick meal. Also, it is very good for people who are on a low-fat diet. It is a very healthy choice of side dish as well because it is full of minerals and macronutrients that your body needs. Try to cook it in extra virgin olive oil to make it healthier.

If you have no vegan issues, you can add an egg to your sauté. You can just scramble the eggs or make a sunny side up!

#6 Honey Lime Lamb Chops

Cut some lamb chops. Get them soaked in lime water. This way, all the fat drains away. To be fair, there is a popular belief that it works this way. The recipe for lamb chops is almost similar to making steaks. And it doesn’t take much time either.

Add some honey, lime juice, soya sauce, vinegar, and tomato ketchup in a bowl to make the honey lime sauce. After you are done with frying your chops, add in the sauce. Next, glaze your chops with the sauce repeatedly. In this way, the flavors get wholly infused into the lamb. It tastes heavenly! 

Basically, this dish is served with a side of mashed potatoes. However, if you want to serve it with Dauphinoise potatoes, then who wouldn’t love it? People would just lick their fingers and the plate off! You can serve it with a glass of soda or alcohol. A plain white wine would go amazingly well with this entire meal. You can check out this recipe for lamb chops to get more ideas. 

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