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What Can You Use as a Substitute for Sausages?

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Being a cook, a foodie, and trying out different recipes has been a fulfilling journey. I got to experience different types of cuisine, travel around the globe, and meet people from all aspects of life. But primarily, enjoy the food. And the one thing that I always put in my dishes is sausages. So, what happens when you run out? What can you use as a substitute for sausages?

If I don’t have any traditional sausages laying around the house, I use minced chicken or meatloaf, to name a few. And if I’m not craving meat for the day, I’ll just use a vegan sausage made of soy. It’s not that difficult to come up with a substitute for sausages, but you should always take into account what kind of dish you will prepare it with.

After much digging, I was able to gather some of the most commonly used substitutes for sausages. And yes, I’ve tried these for myself, and they went well with all the dishes I prepared. But just naming them won’t cut it. You need to dig in and try these out for yourselves before you make your decision. So, I’ve detailed the reasoning for why they are such good sausage substitutes in this article.

Are All Sausages The Same?

When I was young, I used to believe that all sausages tasted the same. I mean, they’re just lumps of meat, right? But I couldn’t be further from the truth. While it’s true that sausages are predominantly made out of pork and other types of meat, not all sausages are the same. At times, it’s the seasonings, and at other times, it’s the lack of meat.

What sets different sausages apart is the seasoning that we put in them. For example: when you compare an Italian sausage with normal pork sausage, you’ll notice that a normal port sausage contains more garlic. And you’ll find fennel seeds in them as well. When it comes to Italian sausage, the flavor ranges from mild to spicy.

But tracing back to what I previously said, not all sausages are made out of meat. If this were the case, it would be unfair to all the vegans out there. I found many plant-based sausages out there, which went well with the dishes I made, especially stews and soups. So, I highly recommend it. You can even have it by itself. It’s delicious either way.

Best Substitutes For Sausages

Most of the substitutes that I mention below can be fully enjoyed all on their own. But to add an extra kick, you can use them in any recipe you desire. Either way, you’ll have an amazing recipe that the whole family will love. So here is a list of the best substitutes for your everyday sausage. My personal favorites would be minced chicken and meatloaf.

1. Italian Sausage

Italian sausages are great substitutes for regular sausages. The main reason for that is the fact that Italian sausages are also made of pork. So, there will be some similarities in the taste. What differs is the seasoning. Don’t think that both the sausages will taste the same. The seasoning and the dish you use it for will determine the final product’s taste.

The best ways I like to prepare my Italian sausages are with meat soups or stir-fried vegetables. The quantities you put in the dish will be based on your preferences and how much sausage you want in your dish. So, if you prefer more sausages, just go all out on your dish. It’ll taste amazing with more sausages anyway.

2. Bratwurst

Bratwurst is another great substitute for normal sausages. This one is also made out of pork, so you can rest assured that the taste will be very similar to the sausages you are used to eating. And furthermore, if you get the seasonings right, they might just taste identical to the regular ones.

But alongside pork, there is also beef and other delicious seasonings to make it taste amazing. The recipe for this sausage is slightly different from regular sausages. It can be made of port, beef, or even veal. But as sausages are normally made out of pork, I make sure to use the pork version to get the taste as similar as possible.

3. Minced Chicken

Minced chicken has to be by far my favorite alternative to regular sausages. This substitute has saved my days on numerous occasions. Especially during the holidays when I had my family over. We ran out of regular sausages, so I had to use minced chicken instead.

And what I found the most convenient about this substitute was the fact that I was able to get already minced chicken from the stores. So, there was no hassle of mincing the meat by myself. But if anyone likes mincing their chicken by themselves, they’re free to do so. For seasoning, I used fennel, garlic, and salt. The result was even better than regular sausage. 

4. Meatloaf

Now, the biggest difference I found in this substitute is that meatloaf is predominantly made of beef. So, getting the taste right is a bit difficult. But after playing around with the seasoning, it was possible to get close to the taste of regular sausages.

And this alternative goes well with so many varieties of dishes. My favorite would be lasagna. But it also works great with stews and even pasta. And the best part is that you can prepare this at home by adding fennel seeds and garlic. 

5.  Minced Soy

Now this one is for all my vegan friends out there. I know it can be difficult to prepare a dish that needs sausages if the person does not consume meat in the first place. But fortunately, I made sure to try these out before making my final decision.

Vegan alternatives do not necessarily have to be bland in taste. If I were to say that I managed to make it taste exactly like regular sausages, I’d be lying. But the plus point is that soy is very rich in flavor. That means that I was able to use heavy seasoning to my liking.

With the addition of fennel, garlic, and oregano, I was able to get a similar taste and it was fantastic. For my dishes, I added the sausages to pasta. You can also put it in lasagnas and stews. 

6. Minced Tofu

Why should there only be one alternative for vegans? Besides soy, I found tofu to also be a great alternative for sausages. I found some minced tofu in the supermarket and went right into it.

Now for the recipe, seasoning plays a vital role. But you can add something extra for a finer taste. I used my minced tofu sausage in salads. It did make the dish pop. But it also works wonderfully in stir-fries and lasagna.

7. Minced Lamb

Lamb has a very distinct taste. Most of the friends I had over dinner did not like this alternative but I enjoyed it. It’s mostly because I like the taste of lamb in particular. I tried a similar seasoning of fennel and garlic. But if you don’t prefer lamb that much, you can try masking the taste with extra garlic. It works.

Now this sausage goes well with almost all Italian dishes. Be it pasta, lasagna, you name it. But I prefer mine with a good hot stew.

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